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Many Scots can join other Scots in successfully exporting whisky Whatever you think about Scotland voting 'no' in its independence referendum in September, for the UK, one large advantage of the poll result is that... read more »

A basic history of tankers

The ship brokers at Wake Marine are regularly in contact with tanker owners all over the world. This ensures that, on behalf of charterers, we can source the most appropriate vessels for use in... read more »

An introduction to bitumen

You might have seen bitumen mentioned elsewhere on the Wake Marine website. You might, for example, have seen it mentioned on the home page as something that we can help charterers and ship owners... read more »

An introduction to the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

If you are unaware of what a shipbroker is and what type of work it is responsible for, there is a useful post, titled 'What does a... read more »

Baltic region countries that your company could successfully serve with our help!

The major trade lanes that we at Wake Marine can arrange for maritime liquid transport in include the Baltic trade lane. This lane is, naturally, in the Baltic Sea and can be used... read more »

Brussels Launches Price Investigation

In recent times, there has been controversy over the prices charged by a number of shipping companies, and it would seem that the European Union is concerned – so much so that a formal... read more »

Companies along the Black Sea coast that your company could successfully export to!

The Black Sea, located in Southeast Europe, is one of the major trade lanes that we at that highly dependable of liquid shipping companies, Wake Marine, operate in. Hence, with our help, your... read more »

Ever considered chemical transport to The Bahamas? Here's why you should

There are many countries around the world that you could export chemicals to, but some can be rather unjustly overlooked for chemical transportation to. One of these countries is The Bahamas. The Commonwealth of... read more »

Good reasons for your company to arrange for maritime transport of molasses

Any type of bulk liquid can be handled through a liquid cargo transportation service from Wake Marine. Types of bulk liquid that we highlight on our website as possible to handle in this... read more »

Good reasons to consider maritime trade with Belgium

You are likely to struggle to find out about cargo shipping companies that can help you, as effectively as Wake Marine, to export liquid goods from the UK to other countries. We have international... read more »

Good reasons to export liquid goods to Greece with our help

We have recently used the blog on the Wake Marine website to detail good reasons to have liquid goods exported to countries including Japan and Egypt. We have recently decided to turn our attention... read more »

Have you considered exporting liquid items to the island of Saint Helena?

Actually, there might be a more appropriate first question than the one above: Have you heard of the island of Saint Helena? One of the UK's most highly regarded cargo shipping companies, Wake... read more »

Here is some reliable advice for successfully exporting to China

Since making economic reforms in 1978, the East Asia country of China has become among the planet's most speedily-growing major economies. It has most recently been ranked the world's second biggest economy by both... read more »

Legal Regulations for Shipping

When shipping any goods across land or sea there are a number of legal considerations to make. The purpose of employing a shipping company is to have someone facilitate these considerations on your behalf. However,... read more »

Project Horizon

Although the legal and environmental regulations which govern shipping companies are stringent, and although many shipping companies operate with the strictest ethical and moral codes, there are still some concerns relating to human safety,... read more »

Project to Monitor Shipping Noise Begins

Although shipping is extremely necessary for thousands of businesses throughout the world, there are some problems which are caused by extensive liquid shipping. One of the main problems is caused to marine life and habitats... read more »