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Category: "blog"

Here is some reliable advice for successfully exporting to China

Since making economic reforms in 1978, the East Asia country of China has become among the planet's most speedily-growing major economies. It has most recently been ranked the world's second biggest economy by both purchasing power parity and nominal total GDP. We would also like to draw attention to... read more »

Why Wake Marine can help as total value of North East England's exports grows

North East England can often be a relatively overlooked part of the country, despite the great fame of Geordies like Sting and Ant and Dec and well-known food and drink from the region including Newcastle Brown Ale and parmesans – or 'parmos'. Its economic performance can also often be... read more »

Ever considered chemical transport to The Bahamas? Here's why you should

There are many countries around the world that you could export chemicals to, but some can be rather unjustly overlooked for chemical transportation to. One of these countries is The Bahamas. The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, to use its full and official name, is an island country of over... read more »

There are great incentives for chemical transportation to Malaysia

If you have chemicals that you would like to export to another country for cash return, what exact country should you attempt to export them to? You have a broad choice of countries that would likely welcome the chemicals that you have, but we would eagerly suggest that you... read more »

Tips for exportation of castor oil, a kind of lube oil

You have already received a concise but useful introduction to castor oil if you have read, on the Wake Marine website's blog, the post titled… well, 'Read about the lubeoil known as castor oil'. However, we think that there are many more - and as yet unrevealed on this... read more »

Why you could find chemical transportation to the Czech Republic surprisingly lucrative

The country known as the Czech Republic and bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland is one of the most economically thriving post-Communist states. However, this only begins to explain why you could find surprisingly large success in exporting particular chemicals to the country with assistance from Wake Marine,... read more »

You should consider exporting to Mexico, and here are reasons why

Many people are familiar with the North America country of Mexico. Indeed, in 2010, it was the world's tenth most visited country as it had 22.5 million international arrivals. Perhaps you were responsible for one of them? Whether or not you were, we at one of the UK's most... read more »

Many Scots can join other Scots in successfully exporting whisky Whatever you think about Scotland voting 'no' in its independence referendum in September, for the UK, one large advantage of the poll result is that it can continue to benefit from Scotland's highly lucrative whisky industry. The distilled alcoholic beverage... read more »

Why it could be wise for you to export chemicals to the country of Ireland

What do you know about the country officially known as Ireland and commonly referred to as the Republic of Ireland? You probably know about its intriguing history, including its long history of tension with Britain. You might also know about many particular national symbols of Ireland, such as the... read more »

Have you considered exporting liquid items to the island of Saint Helena?

Actually, there might be a more appropriate first question than the one above: Have you heard of the island of Saint Helena? One of the UK's most highly regarded cargo shipping companies, Wake Marine, could excuse you if you haven't. Part of the British Overseas Territory known as... read more »